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We have been offering a quality casino gaming experience for over a decade. Here is what our gaming community have to say about us.
Eileen J Sampson

Eileen J Sampson

"This is a very entertaining yet simplistic platform where even beginners can start playing comfortably. "

David P Fazio

David P Fazio

"Exploring this platform was fun. The games are well designed and offer satisfying odds to the gamers. "

Susan N Russell

Susan N Russell

"This is one of my favourite online gaming platforms where I have been playing for over a year now."

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Strategies Of Blackjack: You Might Need

Blackjack is a game that is one of the most popular casino games which is played all over the world. Having different strategies will help you win real money in the casinos.

Hit and stand

Blackjack is a game that consists of two options while playing it, to hit or to stand.

To hit

If the player requests a player to the dealer for an extra card, it is called 'to hit.' It is an instruction that can be indicated verbally or by tapping the table.

To hit

To stand

Holding your total and ending your turn is known as 'to stand.' This is signalled by waving your hands horizontally.

When to split or double down?

Double down means a player doubles a bet after seeing their initial cards. One additional card must draw after doubling down. Usually, the player makes a double down when the hand value is equal to 10 or 11. 30.7% is the chance for hitting another 10-value card. Therefore doubling down makes a high hand. double down The splitting of your cards into two standard hands to match the original bet along with a wager is the meaning of split. It only means that you have doubled your winning chances or doubled your losing chances.

Strategy chart

Make a strategic chart that can help you to work out when to stand or hit. Make a chart in such a way that your left-hand column of the chart is what is in the dealer's hand, and the rest of the column shows if you want to hit or stand. It depends on the hand you are dealing with or with what you have been dealt.

Strategy mistakes in blackjack

When you understand the game in its simplest form, you might think it is easy and feel all you have to do is reach 21. blackjack Yes, it is simple, but know that you are gambling with your money, so neglecting the strategies and making silly mistakes must be avoided.

Table's minimum bet

Before starting the game of Blackjack, it is better to know the minimum bet or the table and look at the lowest minimum state you can find to maximise the exposure to the game. It also limits the potential loss as and when you learn the game better.

Know the hand signals

hand signals Blackjack is not a game where you can communicate quickly. It is a game where you need to move your hands to signal the dealer about certain things. Using signals will minimise misunderstandings and can also be used for surveillance purposes in case of a dispute. Here are some of the signs you need to learn while playing blackjack: ● Scratch the table with your index finger 'to hit.' ● Waving your hand over your cards indicates 'to stand.' ● Flashing the no.1 sign behind the cards and putting out extra money means 'to double down.' ● Make a V sign using your first two fingers after matching your original bet indicated 'to split.'

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